Any type implementing IReproducibleRngFactory is guaranteed to be reproducible; that is, given a seed, the resulting RNG always will produce the same sequence. This applies across major and minor versions, even if it turns out the RNG has a bug in it. In that case, the given seed type and factory will be marked as obsolete, and a corrected version will be added. The obsolete version may be moved into a separate package for the next version-breaking upgrade.

Distribution Stability

In .NET, nothing regarding implementation of floating-point is guaranteed. Therefore, distributions involving floating-point numbers (such as those that return Double or Single) are not portable - the results can vary on different machines, and even on different runtimes. You may be able to consider the distributions to be deterministic, however - the same machine and runtime should produce the same results (this could still potentially vary on runtime, however).

For more information on this, see issues #8 and #9.

Other distributions are currently not stable - their implementations may change, but will be considered to be breaking and will warrant a minor-version bump (or major after 1.0.0).