New Site

The new site for RandN is up - though if you're reading this, you probably already know that. Built with Wyam, it's got this dedicated blog, an area for handwritten documentation, and API documentation generated from the RandN source code.

I'm still playing around with handling documentation versioning - I'd like the docs for v0.1 to still be available after v0.2 is released. Right now the main site tracks the master bookmark, while v0.1 will track v0.1, and so on.

Like the old site, i.e. my blog, it's statically generated and tries to be as lightweight as I can make it. I removed a whole lotta unused CSS and JavaScript from the default theme, and then I took it a step further and removed some that was still in use - namely FontAwesome (so if you see some ugly icons or lack thereof, that's why) and Mermaid.js. Mermaid would have generated some fancy class diagrams, but I decided it wasn't worth an entire megabyte. I did try to generate the diagrams at build time, but was never able to get it working. There's still improvements to be made, but since the theme is built on AdminLTE, which is in turn built on Bootstrap, which is built on jQuery, I'd probably just have to write a brand new theme.

An important thing to note - at the moment, nested classes are not listed with their containing classes - they're effectively orphans. You can however find them through the API search feature.

Lastly, this site will probably move over to Statiq once it's capable of generating documentation easily enough.