New Release - Version 0.3.0

RandN v0.3.0 has been released! It's available at NuGet and GitHub. It's a small one, but has a couple potentially breaking changes.

Full Changelog

  • Moved the IDistribution and IPortableDistribution interfaces to RandN.Core
  • Removed NullGuard.Fody from public dependencies - this was only needed for build and was being unnecessarily included in all dependents.
  • Fixed tests failing to run on Mono.

What's next?

More distributions and more RNG algorithms - whether or not these will be included alongside RandN's primary NuGet package or on another is still TBD.

More efficient one-off range distribution - right now, an entire Uniform object must be built before sampling a range; this could make some use cases, such as the RandomShim, much more efficient.

Improvements to website versioning - only the Docs and API need to be versioned, not the blog or the index page.